our story

Ever look in the mirror and think... "OMG, I'm really showing my age?" No? Me either.

At my 42nd birthday party I distinctly remember many women asking my secret. My reply was the same ever since I was 35. "I have no children," I'd say in jest, really believing that it was just good genes. The following year I learned just how right I was. By the time I was 45 and my son was 2 years old, I looked every bit 45 and then some!

I didn't come to the whole organic, hippie, granola skin care thing easily. In fact, I am quite the opposite of such people. I loved big cities, my anonymous urban lifestyle and 24 hour news channels. Better living thru chemicals was my mantra. I was forced to change all of that, Max, my beautiful 2 year old boy had eczema. He would scratch in his sleep to the point of drawing blood. At one point we taped socks on his hands to stop it. Two doctor visits and three prescriptions later, nothing had changed. The stress associated with one's baby being constantly uncomfortable is immeasurable in my opinion. I started to research eczema treatments for myself. I put half a cup of rolled oats into my coffee grinder and dumped it in the tub then added a cup of coconut oil that had been ignored in my pantry as well. After a few days of this bath time routine, 60% of his eczema cleared up. With a little more research, I was led to the healing abilities of aloe, lavender, rosemary and the true power of all things natural. 

Seeing as I was wrinkling by the minute, I dove into anti-aging with the vengeance of an ex-city girl! And here we are...